Alma Mater (french / english)


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Alma Mater board game (french / english)

A game of worker placement

A spiritual successor to Coimbra, Alma Mater puts players in the challenging world of competing universities at the dawn of the Renaissance! In this incredible game, players will work hard to attract the best students and professors to make their university the most prestigious!

Alma Mater has players serving as a headmaster of one of the independent universities in the 15th century. Players seek to strengthen their school’s reputation and standing. To achieve these goals, players need to recruit the best staff and students, exchange knowledge with other schools, and become experts in the school’s four disciplines!



Language :

Multi (french / english)

Number of players :

2 à 4 joueurs

Lenght :

90 minutes

Age :

12 years old +

Game Weight (from BGG) :

3.75 / 5

Designer :

Acchittocca, Antonio Tinto, Flaminia Brasini, Stefano Luperto, Virginio gigli

Artist :

Chris Quilliams

Publisher :


Language Dependence (english) :


Size of the box :

30 x 30 x 7 cm


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