Improvement for Dune: Imperium

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Fans of Dune: Imperium here is what we have to improve your favorite board game. We have stickers for the base game and the expansion Rise of IX. We also have a beautiful sand worm shaped first player token and sleeves.

Quantity required:

  • Sand worm – 1X
  • Set of stickers – 1X
  • Sleeve for the core box (large cards)
    • Mayday (MDG-7077) – 4X
    • Sleeve Kings (SKS-8810) – 2X
  • Sleeve for the core box (small cards)
    • Mayday (MDG-7075) – 2X
    • Sleeve Kings (SKS-8801) – 1X

The game is not included. We cannot be held responsible for the quantities required and the dimensions indicated. Please check your game before placing an order.

This is not an official product of Direwolf, Legendary or the designers of Dune: Imperium.


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